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usage of components

July 30, 2009 Comments off

Today i studied about components in flex. i was following video series for reference. it was really interesting to create a custom component and use it for later use.
lam now sure that i can create a custom component and use also introduced the concept of timer to me.

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flex effects

July 12, 2009 Leave a comment

flex effects are an integral part in designing a flex product.i have seen and studied a lot of effects in flex tomorrow i would group it and put it as a single file so that user and developers could get benefited out of it……

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what is white paper?

White paper is actually raising a problem and also adding solution for it. it is more like a case study, raising and solving a problem.

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flex life cycle 2

today i started studying about the component life cycle in flex. till now i understood that it consists of 3 main phase birth ,life, death. in all categories their are 7 phases. construction,

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flex life cycle

Today i studied about flex development life cycle. i prepared a ppt and creative microlecture for the topic. need to study more about the topic and update my content.hope i would finish by this night and move on to other topic.

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